Here Is How I Might Plan My Summer Snorkeling & Hiking Trip In Hawaii

Hawaii is one of those places that everyone wants to visit if possible. It is a bucket list location, one that is great for weddings, anniversaries, family vacations and more. Have you vacationed in Hawaii before? Let me tell you about what my summer trip to Hawaii might be like if I were to plan one, snorkeling, hiking and taking on all kinds of other adventures.

Waimea Canyon is one place I might get to check out while there. It is located on Koke Road in Kauai, and there are plenty of great hiking trails as well as lookout points. While you may be out in the wilderness when you visit Waimea Canyon, people say that it can get rushed there. It is quite the popular hiking destination.

There are so many beaches and snorkeling destinations in Hawaii. How do you end up picking one? There  might be quite a few, but I found a place that I would want to visit. It is Kailua Beach Park, and the scene looks beautiful there. Kailua Beach Park can be found on Kawaiola Road, and the area is also ideal for windsurfing and swimming.

Lanikai Beach is another favorite spot, as it is said to be a more calm beach. What reviewers talk about it is ideal for kids and how residential areas are nearby. Perhaps it is a place that can get you away from a little of the tourist hustle and bustle. One person calls this Lanikai Beach one of the world’s most stunning beaches. Hawaii does have some great beaches for sure.

Koko Crater Trail would be another great spot if I were picking out places for a hiking and snorkeling trip in Hawaii. It is located at Koko Head Park Road, and I do have to tell you that they say it is going to give you a workout. One reviewer talked about it being the hardest hike in his life. He enjoyed it, but that should let you know that this is one of the more challenging hikes in Hawaii.

You could spend weeks traveling around to all the great hiking, camping and snorkeling spots in Hawaii. I have mentioned some of the ones that might make my itinerary if I were planning a trip. Why not plan your own, and see what you find as you make your way around to all the great sights in Hawaii.

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